Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2009

Welcome to Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Applied Ethics

My interest to apply Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Applied Ethics based on my reflection after I had graduated from Faculty of Philosophy Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta and involved with some projects in Annuqayah (Islamic boarding) in Sumenep, East Java, Indonesia.

I tried to develop a program, let's say, Course of Ethics to introduce and promote the students with a little bit radical-philosophical insight concerning socio-cultural phenomena in their interaction with other people from different culture in this cosmopolitan and globalized world. I do believe that socio-cultural challenges in our time are so complex, and we need better solutions and strategies to prepare our new generation facing the future. I suppose that strengthening their moral perspective could be an entry point to build their character.

Besides promoting basic concepts of ethics, I also involved in applied ethics projects in a community in the school where I teach. This community particularly consists of students from high school level that have an environmental awareness. Main activities of this community intended to promote and foster the environmental values in the school community and society. Actually, for Annuqayah in general, environmental issues are not a new concern, because in 1981 Annuqayah had achieved “Kalpataru” award from the Ministry of Environmental Affairs of Republic of Indonesia. So, my focus to encourage and keep the green values in existence based on philosophical and ethical approaches aimed to support and sustain those values with new persuasive methods.

After two years I have been engaging with these projects, it seems to me that I need to enhance and pursue advanced studies in applied ethics. By applying for Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Applied Ethics offered by the MAE Consortium, sponsored by European Commission, I do hope to strengthen theories and discourses on applied ethics. After browsing through the MAE Consortium homepage, I found that syllabus offered by the course is very fascinating.

Because of the scarcity of authorities and references of applied ethics in Indonesia, I do believe that the program will give a significant contribution not only for my projects but also for my institution and my country. In addition, I am sure by joining this program I can learn much from various resources provided in the three partner institutions of ethics (the MAE Consortium). It would also be a valuable opportunity to meet and discuss with multi-disciplinary professors, fellow scholars, and students around the world when I involved as fellow of this program.

I sent my application to the MAE Consortium in the first week of January 2009. Information about the admission result came to me by email from the Consortium on the 1st April. The MAE Consortium by its selection committee has decided to nominate me for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. But the final decision about the scholarship was in the European Commission. On the afternoon of 1st May 2009, I had a surprising email congratulating for my success obtaining this Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Thanks God!

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Kunjungan di pagi hari yang cerah dan salam kenal sebelumnya dari sesama peserta Pesta Blogger 2009

Sisco mengatakan...

Sepertinya, bagian pertama dari tulisan ini adalah penggalan letter of intent yang Gus Mus kirimkan ke MAE. Apa benar begitu?
Setelah baca tulisan ini, aku jadi semakin tahu 2 tahap proses persetujuan EM: diawali oleh konsorsium dan dipungkasi oleh Europe Commission.
Trims buat infonya.