Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

When the Alien Comes

“This journey really exhausted me,” I whisper to myself, when I am surrounded by cloudy sky, thundering wave, and an inconvenient absurd twilight. Strong biting wind drives away the ancient spirit of the sea. I stand alone staring at the sun while it has been going down to keep his spirit safe from the darkness.

I wonder where am I going from here. In my solitude, I think that I am leaving for a place that I don’t really know where it is. An unknown country where strangers walking around me. I feel that I am moving away from my initial destination, from the substance of my life, from my primordial home. I am really worried about it, thinking about mystifying path that I will pass alone and I lost my way. The idea about alienation haunts me.

As the wind get to rage, I try not to be knocked over by these terrifying notions. One thing that I am sure: I can’t overlook such acute problem. I am asking myself when these ideas exactly come to me. I am thinking about the weapons and tools that I must prepare. I am thinking about a hundred possibilities that I may deal with. Because I don’t know where the journey will get to the end.

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partelon mengatakan...

Nice article, Ra (ciah, banyoba ca' inggris!). But if you complete it with these words "black wind, fire and steel", I bet Manowar're dying to buy it and make it as the theme for their upcoming album. Believe it or (better) not! :)
(jhe' cokocoh ca' inggriseh, le. saya mi' pas ngambhul...)

Anonim mengatakan...

Tolesnah tak perna, Kak, enga' Raspberry jam delta-v. Keng ini suasananah sar asar.
hi..ii.. tak perna.
Tape lebur, Kak.
Saya ngampong macah.

Anonim mengatakan...

alam murka karena ulah manusia, marilah kita selamatkan lingkungan, mulai dari yang terkecil, plastik bekas jangan buang jadikan tas.. he he

Anonim mengatakan...

Ditunggu, upload selanjutnya.