Tuesday 30 December 2008

The Smell of Public Lie is Quite Nauseating

What does make someone feel nauseate? One of my students is a nauseating person. She always nauseates and vomits every time she rides a car for a long distance. I knew this when I went to Sumenep with some of my students and in the way home she vomited in the car. Smell of car fuel, shake of vehicle on the rocky road, bends in the road, breeze from windows, all of them make the stomach feel disgust. Then, the contents of the stomach can throw up through the mouth.

Fortunately, I’m not a nauseating person—thanks God. However, in my situation, sometimes nauseating occurs when I hear a public lie. More exactly, if I hear someone who talks a lie in a public speaking. He doesn’t just talks nonsense. The fact that he talks something that is not true—and he talks as if it is a true, and he doesn’t feel guilty about it—makes me nauseating. He doesn’t aware of the fact that one or more of the audiences know about the lie. Furthermore, doesn’t the smell of a lie stink very much?

Deep in my heart, I have pity on him. But I don’t know, isn’t a pity useful to solve the problem of his lie, to change the way he talks? Don’t tell me that we must give him a lie-detector. It is not funny. It is a serious problem of our society, when someone talks a lie and feels nothing but just okay. It is a problem of ethics—the death of conscience.

When the smell of public lie attacked me yesterday, I know that we must do something to find the answer.

2 komentar:

Anonymous said...

di masyarakat kita ada 2 hal yang pa' empa' sakaban, berbohong dan berpura-pura. keduanya bisa digunakan untuk tujuan yang sama ataupun yang berbeda. lalu masih ada basa-basi yang tak jauh beda tapi masih ditolerir karena dianggap bagian dari budaya. masalahnya ketika berbohong dan berpura-pura akhirnya membudaya, akankah lalu di'terima' juga?

A. Mommo said...

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