Jumat, 06 Maret 2009

Made of Rain

Last night, when a group of flying termites swarmed about the lamp on the veranda in front of my room, I was curious to know about their life cycle. I just had a little information about them. And, actually, that information is such common sense knowledge, not scientific.

From experience of life, I know that flying termites usually come at night after rain fell. Always after rain. They swarm about the light, crashing their bodies into the shining lamp. I don’t really know why they seem to be so obsessed by a source of light.

It is said that they originated from termites, a small insect like an ant that does a lot of damage by eating wood and papers. They break through the wall, destroy plastics, cable and other blockage. They produce the offspring in their colonies. The female termite can produce eggs until 36.000 eggs per day for 50 years. What a number! Unfortunately, I never see their kingdom.

Living in the darkness, maybe they yearned for the light when they became a flying termite. But all creatures maybe are still surrounded by principle of absurdity. When they were about to come to the light, and finally collided with the lamp, their wings came down towards the ground. Their bodies chased down their couple golden wings.

Their obsession couldn’t be satisfied. That was an irony. They walked slowly in the ground, and small house lizards hunted them skillfully to complete their adventures and fates.

Thinking and learning about flying termites reminded me to someone who is completely obsessed by rain. He even feels that he was made of rain. I wonder does he think that he is a flying termite. O life!

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partelon mengatakan...

The moral is:
"Sometimes, just sometimes, darkness can be a saver place than coming any closer to a blinding light".
Is this true, Ra?