Sabtu, 04 April 2009

For whom the People (don’t) Hope

A few days before the Indonesian legislature election will be held on 9 April 2009, I wonder what do the people think about this election. Do they still keep their hope for the betterment of their lives? During the time of public campaign provided by General Election Commission, I didn’t see glittering campaigns in my district except a little that I read the news in mass media. I found cold responses from people’s everyday talks concerning this election. The exited interest maybe only on the money politics. I conclude that people’s enthusiasm to discuss and participate to this election tend to be decreased. Some people talk about political apathism, the indifferences of people’s participation in this celebration of democracy.

Bringing to light on this case and revealing from a more radical question, I wonder what do the people think about this election. More exactly: do they think that they will vote their representatives, their leaders—people who speak, act, and struggle on behalf their interests and aspirations? I am increasingly doubtful that they have this kind of point of view. Political corruption, the conduct of member of legislative assembly and the candidates, even in this reformation period, frustrated and shrunk their hopes to this election. I read about the candidates who were arrested for criminal causes on the magazine: distributing marijuana, ecstasy, or illegal drugs, even stealing motorcycle.

I was really disappointed when I thought that this election had lost its ethical meaning, its substantive meaning. How many times, material and social cost had wasted for this election? Is it fair enough if I hope nothing—maybe just a little? As an individual, what should I do? Thus, importantly, I wonder for whom the people must hope?

Ooo the true leader of our community, please save our nation.

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