Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

I Want a Ring, You Give Me Crescents

A week ago, a friend of mine send me a short message. He told me that Heaven will give me a ring. “A silver ring,” he said. He invited me to receive the ring in a beautiful place, entitled as Smiley Gate. He provided me a sophisticated tray to accept the awaited gift. “You can take your students with you to the ceremony. But don’t be late, because you just have one chance,” he said.

Unfortunately, I cannot satisfy his invitation. Actually, I have no good reason to make him disappointed. Maybe I just infected by demophobia combined with slight xenophobia, and I can’t bear this phobia that day especially because the absurd feeling invaded me in recent times. So, only my students come to take their rings with joy to the ceremony.

Then, I made my own ceremony in my own stage. I did my best to heal my disappointment.

My simple salver made from used cardboard lining with sheet of papers. This idea came to me after I had browsed the internet. Two students helped me to create that. And the outcome was great.

I had waited for roughly one hour. But the ring still hid. I wondered why it was reluctant to touch the simple salver, the simple stage. Until around 90 minutes, finally, the ring sent the crescent to me. A tiny bright crescent glowed in the darkness of the cardboard.

But the real amazing magic came not in the cardboard. It came under the trees. The trees came to be the wizard’s broom, presenting the crescents in the wall and the surface of the ground. The beautiful silver crescents danced as the wind blew.

When the sun went down, the crescents faded away. Maybe they took a long trip to a beautiful place in the west together with the sun. Maybe they sailed to nowhere. Maybe they sailed to eternity.

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