Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

The Rich Country and the Irony of Electricity

In our time, modern people have high necessity to technology, even those who live in a rural area, like me. In an extreme expression, modern people were enslaved by technology. I’m certain about this when in current several months, I’m troubled by the electricity. Working with computer, the electricity suddenly was off. I have rescued by the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for a few minutes and I had time to shut down my PC safely.

This incident occurs almost every day. Sometimes it’s happens just for a few seconds, a few minutes, and sometimes until more than 10 hours. Many activities, official and individual, ceased. The scheduled plan has to be postponed. The UPS cannot give more help for the emergency situation for computer. It’s just prevention for further damages.

But actually there are another Indonesian people who have worse situation than me. Tempo Interactive wrote that more than 30 thousand villages in Indonesia have no electricity. Faisal Basri asserted that only a half of household that have electricity in Indonesia—Thailand supplied 84 % of total household with electricity. I think this is really an irony of our rich country. We have much kind of resources that can be turned into supply of energy. But the fact is so ridiculous.

Yesterday night, when the electricity was off, I read the last section of the novel by Andrea Hirata, Edensor, in the dim glow of a candle. But the spirit of the storyboard ignited me to finish the book. I found a kind of nostalgic feeling that night, blended by stream of stunning words in the novel. The life span of the candle not so long, but fortunately I can reach the last word of the novel before the candle has gone out. And when the candlelight was finally extinguished, the darkness came back to its throne. And that night, the irony of electricity lasted for several hours.

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